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Christmas is coming…

Yep, Christmas is coming ~ which means time to start that dreaded Christmas shopping. I have a solution! My book! “Dark Pursuits” would make a great gift for those friends and family that love to read. Go to / /or talk to me (via this blog) ~ let’s make a deal!!

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I just spent the most miserable night trying to sleep ~ my restless legs kept me up all night. Does anyone out there in WordPress land have any idea what to do to relieve restless legs? I’m already on medication and it doesn’t help one bit. Help!

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lack of trust

I had a ‘so this is how God views my behavior’ moment. Let me explain. My daughter’s cat, Batman, is living with us (hopefully not forever!) He is basically a loving cat, but occasionally he acts kinda skittish. One moment he’ll love on me, purring like crazy, and the next moment he runs away from me. He did that to me this morning ~ ran from me and I said to him (as if he understood!) “Why don’t you trust me? Why do you run from me? I’m not going to hurt you!” And that’s when it hit me. I do the same thing to my Heavenly Father! I get close to him, purring like crazy (well, maybe not purring!) and then the next moment I’m backing off. Acting like He’s not worthy of my trust. And I could almost hear Him saying to me, when Batman ran off like that, “You do the same thing, my child. One moment you trust me, the next moment you don’t. Do you know how that makes Me feel?” Wow! I hurt my Father’s heart, same as it hurts my heart when Batman runs from me. The last thing I want to do is hurt my Father’s heart. I tend to view my Heavenly Father like I do my earthly father ~ and I run. Come on, Batman (and Beverly) it’s time to trust!!

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End times movie…

Saw an interesting movie last night ~ the theme being on the end times. It’s entitled, “Six: The Mark Unleashed.” All I can say is ~ wow! It is a must-see movie that really makes one stop and think! As I watched the movie I was totally able to imagine how it would be when we’re all required to take upon us the mark of the beast ~ 666. Seem kind of like a joke? Watch the movie and then decide. The technology is in place right now. It’s not some far-off scenario. Spooky, but true.

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thinking about heaven…

With all the evil in this world escalating quicker than we can blink, it’s hard not to wonder when Jesus is coming back to put an end to the madness. Rape, incest, murder, divorce and the break-up of the family, child-abuse, lying, stealing, slander, corruption within the government…the list goes on and on. The Bible predicts that ‘things will heat up’ just before His return. That there will be an increase in earthquakes, wars, and famine. That false christs will arise. We’re seeing all these things happen ~ all at the same time and increasing. ‘Like birth pangs,’ the Bible describes it. It’s  happening right before our eyes. Now’s not the time to sit on the fence. Now’s the time to decide who we will follow ~ this world (which ultimately leads to death) or Christ Jesus.

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As part of defending truth…

I’ve written a book. It’s entitled, “Dark Pursuits.” 

Max Kirkwood has an addiction ~ and it’s tearing his family apart. When his wife discovers his addiction, she finds herself dealing with previously buried memories that threaten to unhinge her while at the same time their daughter turns to alcohol in order to cope. Then there’s an attraction to a co-worker in the mix. Will this family survive?

“Dark Pursuits” is available @ and It’s also available directly from me for $10.00. Contact me for ordering information via this blogsite. And happy reading!!

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He’s looking for faith…

Ever read the account of the woman with an issue of blood (Matthew 9:20-22)? She’d had this aliment for twelve long years. The Bible tells us that she kept saying to herself that if she could only touch the hem of Jesus’ garment, she would be made whole. Now that’s faith! And Jesus responded to her faith. He felt the touch of faith…and healed her. The Lord is still looking for that same kind of faith. Faith that just simply believes. No questions. No doubts. Just believes that God can do what He says He can do. Believe Him for a miracle.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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