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Every good and perfect gift…

God has given us so much to enjoy! As crummy as this world is ~ I try to find joy in the small things. And I try to keep my eyes on the eternal. Think what heaven will be like!! In the mean time, I’m lovin’ the awesome things that this world has to offer. Poetry. Rainbows. Twinkling stars at night. Trains. Bridges. Lighthouses. Ladybugs. Hummingbirds. Roses. Music. Good books. Food. Sunshine. The deep ocean. Green hills. Fudge. Peppermint sticks. Ireland. Long vacations. Victorian houses. Old I Love Lucy reruns. A good, clean movie. I could go on and on and on. My point? Not sure… Just felt like sharing the joy in my heart!

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another year has slipped through my fingers…

Don’t feel like I got much accomplished this year. Yeah, my book, “Dark Pursuits,” was made available ~ thanks to my generous husband letting me fork out his hard-earned bucks to get it self-published. But the level of interest folks have shown for my book ~ almost zero! Very discouraging!! Have I grown in my relationiship with the Lord? Not so sure. Have I become a better writer? A little. How many people have I helped? Served? Loved? I don’t know how I feel about this year. Feels like it’s slipped away. I can only hope 2010 will be better!!

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Just a simple Christmas poem…

Christmas is here once again~

With the bell ringers out in earnest

People scurrying about in the mall

Post office lines at least a mile long

The smell of baking pumpkin pies permeating the air

Twinkling lights hanging from the tree

Gifts wrapped in decorative paper and bright bows

Christmas movies showing non-stop on the television

Silent Night and Jingle Bells playing on the radio

The line to See’s Candies growing ever longer

It’s all this and so much more

That makes up Christmas.

But ~

The true meaning of Christmas is…

A humble birth

In a manger

Long ago, far away

To a lowly family

Called by God

To bring the Savior

To give His life

To a lost and dying world.

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My newest fiction project, “Broken Reality,” is seriously dragging! It needs some life breathed into it. I don’t know what to do…

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romance books

My second novel, entitled, “Dark Pursuits,” is about a man’s addiction to pornography and what that does to him, his wife, and their daughter. It’s a subject I feel pretty strong about. I think pornography is straight from the pit of hell. And I know that many men struggle with it. It’s everywhere. On the internet. In books. Magazines. TV commercials. Movies. Everywhere men are being teased with this thing ~ beckoned, called. But I noticed something interesting while in WalMart this morning. Have you looked at romance books lately? The kind geared toward women? Talk about porn! Cheech! The pages are full of graphic descriptions of a very sexual nature! And women are hooked on this stuff. Through books, magazines, TV, movies, etc. ~ I think we’ve created an overly-sexual society! Kids are into porn now! How can they help it? Even the cartoons are full of sexual messages.  How this must sadden God ~ who created sex as an act between a married man and woman. Anything else can easily become a sick bondage. God help us…

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