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watch the words!!

A recurring theme I’ve noticed on facebook is: say whatever you want! But is that what Christians should be doing? I think not. There are times it’s okay to speak up. In love. But I’m thinking most of the time we should just keep our opinions to ourselves. Instead we should take our concerns to the Lord. And hold that hand back from writing what will surely cause only friction…

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Life is full of them. Trials. Storms. Sufferings. Hardship. You get the picture. And it’s during this time that many of us question God’s love for us. ‘If God really loved me…’ we say within ourselves. After all, He can do anything. He can change anything. So why am I going through this difficulty? I won’t even pretend to have the answer to that. I’ve asked the question myself many a time. I do know that God can bring good out of the situation if we keep on trusting, keep on believing. And as hard as trials can be, our character is changed. We become stronger. Our faith is strengthened. We learn to hang onto hope. One verse that I’ve clung to in the hard times is Psalm 16:8. Listen to this in the amplified version. ‘I have set the Lord continually before me; because He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.’ Is that a WOW verse or what?! If we set the Lord before us (keep our eyes on Him at all times) the trials we’re going through will have little power over us. We won’t worry. Try to figure things out. Try to make sense of them. Question God’s goodness or love. We’ll just trust Him. We don’t have to be moved into the land of despair (which is where the devil wants us), we won’t be moved ~ we’ll just be fixed on the Lord. We’ll give the situation over to Him to work out in His time & in His way. Selah (pause, and calmly think of that)!

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Looking for an online radio station that plays Christian/variety/oldies/gospel, etc., etc. and has great teaching? is available 24/7 for your listening pleasure! Check it out! I found this online gem & listen whenever I can!

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