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I’m just as guilty of this as the next person ~ looking at someone and deciding whether they dress right, act right, say the right things, are worthy of my time & attention, etc., etc. How easy it is to decide against someone just because they aren’t like us! “I wouldn’t wear that!” “I would never say that!” “What a loser he/she is!” But guess what? We don’t have the right to judge someone. Why can’t we just accept people for what they are? Why do we have to think less of them because they aren’t a carbon copy of US? We all do it. Judge. Belittle in our thoughts. Think more highly of ourselves than we ought to. I’ve been in church, standing next to someone and we’re praising & worshipping the Lord, when someone walks in and sits near us. “Look at what she’s wearing. She looks dumb in that.” I can’t imagine that that kind of attitude is pleasing to the Lord. He doesn’t look at the outside. He sees our hearts. Why can’t we do the same?

My prayer is that God would slap me along side my head when I even begin to judge another. Because it is WRONG!!

4 comments May 28, 2010

Do Not Be Afraid

God’s power

to your weakness

God’s light

to your darkness

God’s love

to your loneliness

God’s care

to your troubles

God’s peace

to your distress

God’s eternity

Fill your life.

4 comments April 14, 2010


In these days in which we are living ~ more than ever before ~ Satan is bringing about strife and offense. We need to get to the point where we can trust God to deal with our difficult situations. And our difficult people! Not easy, I know. The Bible says:  ‘Don’t be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.’  We don’t need to vindicate ourselves. Give it to God instead. He’ll take care of it in His time and in His way.

1 comment March 14, 2010


You ever notice how the world just loves to put lables on folks? You are or you have:  Alcoholic. Gay. Wife-beater. Bipolar. Manic Depressive. Fibromyalgia. Pervert. Cancer.

Hi. I’m George and I’m an alcoholic. Hi. I’m Cindy and I have fibromyalgia.

Why let the devil TELL us what we are or aren’t. How about: Hi. I’m Beverly and I’m a child of the living God. I struggle with….

See the difference. You don’t have to become what you struggle with. Focus on WHO you are. A child of God. If you’re born-again, you belong to Jesus. The ailments you struggle with are not you! Shake off those labels!

Jesus died to set us FREE!!!

1 comment March 10, 2010

putting the devil in his place…

While talking to a friend from church the other day, we got on the subject of how we as Christians don’t have to just sit around as the devil’s pawns ~ letting him mess with our minds while we blindly obey him. He gave an example of when he was trying to quit smoking and how the persistent thought that he must have a cigarette kept at him. He finally decided that the only thing to do was to send that thought back to hell from where it came. He told how he kept getting a mental picture of the devil sitting on his shoulder, whispering those thoughts in his ear and how eventually he figured the best way to deal with it was to tell the devil ~ “You’re a liar!” In time the thought that he must have a cigarette stopped. After talking with this friend I realized that I had been doing the same thing regarding my writing. He’d been whispering in my ear that I was a failure. That I should just give up. Quit. No one would care if I wrote another word. God hadn’t called me to write. Hmmm. Time to send that thought back from where it came.

“Devil ~ you’re a liar!”

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Guess I’m a whimp…

and give up far too easily, cause I have lost my desire to write! I thought the desire would always be there. But it’s up and gone. What to do?! I’ve invested a lot of time and money in this whole writing thing. I’m going to a writer’s retreat this weekend!! I had no idea it was going to be soooo hard. I feel rejected. Dumb. Useless. Like I really don’t have anything to say. I have a whole box of my books sitting in my office. Everytime I look at that box I’m reminded of how they aren’t selling. Not even the one book at the Bible bookstore has sold. Can’t even sell one on ebay!! Yikes! I’m tempted to throw them all in the fireplace. I haven’t written on my newest project since November. Loser with a big “L.” Sigh…

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Saw a great movie…

To Save A Life 

Choices. Taking action/vs. not taking action. Friendship. Feeling rejected. Suicide. Hurting inside. Cool vs. not cool. Love. Parties. Hopelessness. God. Families breaking apart. Standing up for what is right. Cutting. Booze. Sex.School

That’s what this movie is about. Go see it. You won’t be sorry.

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What is God up to??

So what is the Lord trying to teach me? Patience? How to deal with disappointment? How to let go of my expectations? How to forgive? What, Lord, what?! Seems like so many people have been letting me down lately. I’ve been so frustrated and confused. I just don’t know what to think anymore. God, what are You up to?! Can you let me in on it?

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Sitting here at the Starbucks ~ writing on my blog ~ which seems to be the only writing I’m capable of lately. Motivating myself to write more of my latest book, “Broken Reality,” has become a major struggle. The ideas have dried up. The desire isn’t there. The thought of sitting down and actually doing some writing leaves me feeling overwhelmed. Why? Not sure. It’s just not there anymore. Perhaps because of the lack of interest in my latest book, “Dark Pursuits.” I’ve only sold a handful of copies. I don’t want to write only for myself. What’s the sense? I don’t know….I guess if God wants me to write, He’ll have to give me the ‘want to’ once again.

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holidays are fast approaching…

Where did this year go anyway?! Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Then comes Christmas on its heels. Yikes! I don’t know about you but I’m not up for the dreaded Christmas shopping rush. The mall will be madness. The traffic will be relentless. I say stay home. For the readers on your Christmas list ~ consider sending them a copy of my latest book. Dark Pursuits is the story of a couple with a floundering marriage that is about to get worse when the wife discovers her husband is looking at porn. His light porn use quickly escalates into an addiction, while at the same time his wife copes with painful buried memories. Is there any hope for this marriage? Read the book and find out! Available at directly from me for $10.00 (a steal!)

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