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a few poems ’cause it’s National Poetry Month!!


That shining moon – watched by that one faint star:

Sure now am I, beyond the fear of change,

The lovely in life is the familiar,

And only the lovelier for continuing strange.


I felt a cleavage in my mind

As if my brain had split;

I tried to match it, seam by seam,

But could not make them fit.

The thought behind I strove to join

Unto the thought before,

But sequence ravelled out of reach

Like balls upon a floor.

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Do Not Be Afraid

God’s power

to your weakness

God’s light

to your darkness

God’s love

to your loneliness

God’s care

to your troubles

God’s peace

to your distress

God’s eternity

Fill your life.

4 comments April 14, 2010

CHARTLESS ~ Emily Dickinson

I never saw a moor,

I never saw the sea;

Yet know I how the heather looks,

And what a wave must be.

I never spoke with God,

Nor visited in heaven;

Yet certain am I of the spot

As if the chart were given.

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keepin’ that poetry coming…

William Blake’s “The Lamb” seemed the right poem to pick in honor of Easter and April’s National Poetry Month. Enjoy!


Little Lamb, who made thee?

Dost thou know who made thee?

Gave thee life, and bid thee feed,

By the stream and o’er the mead;

Gave thee clothing of delight,

Softest clothing, woolly, bright;

Gave thee such a tender voice,

Making all the vales rejoice?

Little Lamb, who made thee?

Does thou know who made thee?

Little Lamb, I’ll tell thee,

Little Lamb, I’ll tell thee:

He is called by thy name,

For He calls Himself a Lamb.

He is meek, and He is mild;

He became a little child.

I a child, and thou a lamb,

We are called by His name.

Little Lamb, God bless thee!

Little Lamb, God bless thee!

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Easter & National Poetry Month are arriving soon…

And because of that ~ I thought I’d share this 17th century poem titled The Call

My blood so red

For thee was  shed,

Come home again ,come home again:

My own sweetheart, come home again!

You’ve gone astray

Out of your way,

Come home again, come home again!

1 comment March 22, 2010

Keeping those poems coming…

Harlem (A Dream Deferred)  Langston Hughes

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up

like a raisin in the sun?

Or fester like a sore –

And then run?

Does it stink like rotten meat?

Or crust and sugar over-

like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags

like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?

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Dust of Snow, by Robert Frost

The way a crow

Shook down on me

The dust of snow

From a hemlock tree

Has given my heart

A change of mood

And saved some part

Of a day I had rued.

(In honor of April’s National Poetry month ~ I will be posting misc. poetry from time to time. I just can’t help it, ’cause I love poetry!)

1 comment March 3, 2010

putting the devil in his place…

While talking to a friend from church the other day, we got on the subject of how we as Christians don’t have to just sit around as the devil’s pawns ~ letting him mess with our minds while we blindly obey him. He gave an example of when he was trying to quit smoking and how the persistent thought that he must have a cigarette kept at him. He finally decided that the only thing to do was to send that thought back to hell from where it came. He told how he kept getting a mental picture of the devil sitting on his shoulder, whispering those thoughts in his ear and how eventually he figured the best way to deal with it was to tell the devil ~ “You’re a liar!” In time the thought that he must have a cigarette stopped. After talking with this friend I realized that I had been doing the same thing regarding my writing. He’d been whispering in my ear that I was a failure. That I should just give up. Quit. No one would care if I wrote another word. God hadn’t called me to write. Hmmm. Time to send that thought back from where it came.

“Devil ~ you’re a liar!”

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Guess I’m a whimp…

and give up far too easily, cause I have lost my desire to write! I thought the desire would always be there. But it’s up and gone. What to do?! I’ve invested a lot of time and money in this whole writing thing. I’m going to a writer’s retreat this weekend!! I had no idea it was going to be soooo hard. I feel rejected. Dumb. Useless. Like I really don’t have anything to say. I have a whole box of my books sitting in my office. Everytime I look at that box I’m reminded of how they aren’t selling. Not even the one book at the Bible bookstore has sold. Can’t even sell one on ebay!! Yikes! I’m tempted to throw them all in the fireplace. I haven’t written on my newest project since November. Loser with a big “L.” Sigh…

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A haiku poem

The Falling Flower ~ Babette Deutsch

The falling flower

I saw drift back to the branch

Was a butterfly.

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